Important Announcements

Following the opening of an official Cyan Until Uru Shard. The Greeters have been officially asked to relocate to the D'mala shard and to start Greeting again. With the opening of the invitation system there are already lots of new explorers heading down in to the cavern who are in need of friendly assistance.

Whilst we are not shutting down the GoG shard at this time, we would like to request and encourage you all (Greeters and non-Greeters) to relocate to the D'mala shard in a show of support for Cyan and their new shard.

Please remember that Greeters are there to offer a friendly hand to anyone who needs help, but that we are not CCR's and are not to 'police' the shard. Cyan are handling all CCR D'mala related issues directly.

Many Thanks

UserKI 1.2 is not officially authorised or sanctioned in any way. If you are found to be using this KI on our shard, you will be permanently banned.

If you modify your userKI in any way and use it on this shard, you will be permanently banned. Also your Cyan account information will be shared with the Guild of Admins, which may result in being banned from all UU shards.

If you have any files whatsoever in your UU installation that did not come from Cyan, or are not part of an offically sanctioned release, you are hacking and will be banned.

*UserKI 1.1 and ChristmasKI are both officially sanctioned KI's